Brick Lane Brewing - Between The Tanks

featuring Steve Kilbey

Get Between the Tanks with Steve Kilbey (The Church)

Join us for an intimate, acoustic session with Steve Kilbey and guitarist Rodrigo Bustos, as they explore iconic hits by The Church, as well as a series of favourites from Kilbey’s personal collection.

Get up close with the artist of many talents, acclaimed for his musical virtuosity and commanding stage presence, while surrounded by a state of the art stainless steel shrine to beer.

You’ll be welcomed into the heart of our brewery, as Steve Kilbey transforms the mountains of stainless steel into his cathedral, with the resound of his stirring harmonies as his choir. A rare opportunity not to be missed by music and beer lovers alike.

Japan have been serving Asahi Super Dry as a super cold beer, where unlike any other beer, it goes into a secondary chilling plate and served at minus 2.2 degrees celsius. CITIZEN is the only venue in Australia to have the super cold beer chilled at this temperature.

“It’s one of the cleanest and easiest drinking lagers in the world”
– Richard Chatfield, Managing Director

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