Testimonial videos

Video testimonials are an extremely powerful marketing tool to have under your belt. As opposed to written testimonials, video testimonials allows your prospective customer to see for themselves the positive impact your business has made. When done well, your audience is left feeling completely reassured and converted.

What makes a testimonial video a powerful conversion tool is asking the right questions, allowing the interviewee to tell their story as authentically and natural as possible, and painting the picture with the right video clips that are overlaid throughout. Our process and relaxed approach aims to capture something that feels as natural and real as possible.

Having collaborated with several videographers over the years, it's evident that Thick Black Frames truly stands in a league of their own. Phil's gentle demeanor and accommodating approach make every interaction seamless and stress-free. We've had the pleasure of working with him on over half a dozen projects, and each time he has consistently delivered top-notch results.
Irwin Hau, Chromatix
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