Miguel Maestre Meets Trofeo

Miguel's Seasonal Dinners at Trofeo Estate

Beginning Winter 2018 until Autumn 2019, join Miguel Maestre as he collaborates with the kitchen at Trofeo Estate for a series of seasonal dinners/lunches. For each event, Miguel will create a five course seasonal feast, matched to our terracotta wines, with a monthly special to feature on the specials board!

At the 2018 Melbourne Grand Prix, Jim the owner of Trofeo Estate, met Miguel for the first time. They hit it off, and soon after Jim sent Miguel some of our terracotta amphora wine. Miguel was so impressed that he contacted Jim to discuss a collaboration with Trofeo Estate. Obviously, with a Miguel twist! We came up with a series of seasonal dinners that would be hosted at Trofeo Estate. Using our Estate & locally grown produce, Miguel would create a unique menu that matches beautifully with Trofeo Estate wine.

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