Meet the Producer by The Hamper Emporium

The Figgery, Kangaroo Island

From the unspoilt landscape of Kangaroo Island directly to The Hamper Emporium gift hampers, there’s nothing like the sweet joy of The Figgery Sticky Figs & Sticky Fig Syrup.
Discover the unique flavours of this exquisite treat grown and processed on a small local farm on Kangaroo Island.
The Hamper Emporium have teamed up with some of Australia’s finest artisan producers to bring our customers the freshest, tastiest and most delicious gourmet food from the paddock of Aussie farms right to the door of your lucky recipient.
Meet Dan Pattingale from The Figgery, Kangaroo Island. Each of Dan’s 300 fig trees is descended from a 140-year-old ‘mother tree’ just up the road from his farm. From the time of settlement, figs have been grown on KI, and The Figgery continue that tradition today, creating irresistible sweet treats.

From the team at The Hamper Emporium

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