Workshops by The Style Co.

For all creatives and general misfits, those at start up phase, those ready to step up their game or those that just simply want to hang out with us for the day.

We know that being in the business of being creative is a tough gig, and we want let you in on some of the lessons we’ve learned; finding your magic and make a living out of doing it.

After ‘get to know you’s’ we head straight into the story behind The Style Co. and of course, the business of Business.

You may have the creative down pat, but we know the business side doesn’t always come so easily.

Marie & Sarah give you a backstage pass on what makes The Style Co. tick, how they’ve grown and run a profitable design business in a competitive landscape. They discuss brand, fees and charging your worth, finding your voice, getting the word out there, etc!


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